Arson case may not go to trial

Arson case may not go to trial


Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune News Staff

Brent Alan Mack, 25, of Newell, has been charged with several crimes he is alleged to have committed in Sac County. On October 28, Sac County Attorney, Ben Smith, is scheduled to engage in a pre-trial conference with Mack’s attorney, Charles Schulte.

“A pretrial conference is an opportunity for the defense council and the prosecutor to discuss potential plea offers,” stated Smith. “We always look for the possibility of settling. It will be explored in this case but I can’t know whether or not it will happen.” Continue reading “Arson case may not go to trial”

Alta City fires Code Enforcement Officer

Alta City fires Code Enforcement Officer


Storm Lake Pilot Tribune Staff Writer

In a special meeting held by the City Council of Alta Monday night the council called to the table City of Alta Code Enforcement Officer, Matt Hess. The board asked Hess several questions concerning the Community Building owned by the city and maintained by Hess. Hess gave a brief report of how many hours he spent over the last week cleaning the building and what the schedule looked like for it over the next two months. The meeting then took a tumultuous turn. Continue reading “Alta City fires Code Enforcement Officer”

Storm Lake welcomes new family practitioner

Storm Lake welcomes new family practitioner


Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

Dr. Elizabeth Dupic has finished her residency and is ready to start accepting new patients at her new practice located at Unity Health Family Health Care Center here in Storm Lake. In an effort to meet potential patients and hospital staff, Dupic held a meet and greet Thursday sfternoon at the Buena Vista Regional Medical Center (BVRMC). Continue reading “Storm Lake welcomes new family practitioner”

BVU hosts Community Campaign Kickoff

BVU hosts Community Campaign Kickoff


Photo credit: Tim Gallagher

Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

The Sudexo Cru5h cafe, located with the Seibens Forum on the campus of BVU, hosted the Community Campaign Kickoff Wednesday night. The event began with a Storm Lake United Business After Hours reception catered by Sudexo. Buena Vista President, Joshua Merchant, gave the initial speech to the attendees concerning all the milestones the Community Campaign has surpassed. Continue reading “BVU hosts Community Campaign Kickoff”

A night with Poe

A night with Poe


Photo credit: Promo shot

Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

In Darrin Crow’s one-man-show, Morbid Curiosities: An evening with Edgar Allen Poe, Crow brings the dead poet to life entertaining the audience with Poe’s mistakes and triumphs in life and how they affected his work. The night promised spooky stories but, unless you consider the life story of a alcoholic hebephile who can’t hold down a job spooky, then the outcome only left audience members feeling sorry for such a brilliant chronicler. Continue reading “A night with Poe”

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