Tom Steyer plans to fight forty-year-war

Tom Steyer plans to fight forty-year-war


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Pilot-Tribune News Staff

Democratic Party nominee hopeful, Tom Steyer, believes the government has failed the American people. He wants voters to realize how corporations have purchased the government and that the nation’s government now works for those corporations.

If we are going to get any of the things that people are talking about in terms of health care, education, a living wage, clean air and clean water, then we are going to have to break the corporate stranglehold,” said Steyer. “They are getting what they want from the government and we’re not getting what we want from the government, the government is serving them and not us.”

Steyer went on to say that minimum wage, or as he calls it, a “living wage,” is not where it needs to be and has been designed as a way to stifle the American work force. He said he has been fighting for a $15 minimum wage for at least five years, but even that amount is not close to what the amount should be in accordance with inflation and production coming out of the U.S.

Steyer explained if one goes back and looks at the historical minimum wage, in 1970 or 1980, and adjust it for inflation, it should be up to $11. If one includes the worker’s share of the productivity gain, it should be over $22. He reminded the readers the minimum wage in the United States is $7.25.

As you can see, it hasn’t kept up with inflation,” said Steyer. “This has been a 40-year-war on working people. Very organized, very successful, absolutely wrong, absolutely unfair.”

Not only does Steyer plan to take on corporate greed and the minimum wage, he has plans to address climate change as well. In fact, the climate change controversy will be one, if not the first, issue he will address within his first 100 days in office. He said he believes the way to formulate policy on climate change is to go to the communities that are most affected, the communities that have bad air and bad water, where pollution is making people sick. He explained how climate change is the poster child for this presidential race.

I will declare a state of emergency on the first day of my presidency. I would call on congress in the first hundred days to pass some version of the Green New Deal,” said Steyer. “This is a global problem. If the United States doesn’t lead the world, it ain’t happening. So I would make this the top priority of my foreign policy too.”

Steyer went on to say how, as an outsider, he has taken on unchecked corporate power and beaten them and built one of the biggest grassroots organizations in the United States. When pressed about the organizations he mentioned, Steyer said there are actually more than one he has created. Those organizations include For Our Future, NexGen America and Need to Impeach. According to CBSN’s Tanya Rivero, “Steyer has spent millions of dollars since 2017 promoting impeachment efforts against President Trump.”

The Need to Impeach campaign got 8.3 million Americans to sign up to hold this corrupt president to account,” said Steyer. “I have three decades of how to not be stupid about the economy. Nobody else has that experience or that background that is running. A reference Trump is going to run on if he isn’t thrown out of office.”

Steyer argued how he has spent three decades studying what makes countries prosper, has knowledge and experience in terms of what will make America succeed, what will make jobs, what will let Americans share the wealth more justly and fairly and how to actually deal with international trade situations. He explained this makes him completely different from anyone else.

In essence, Steyer’s entire platform revolves around a simple plan, he plans to declare a state of emergency concerning climate change, even if it takes using his executive powers, within the first 100 days; he will fight to raise minimum wage to a living wage and he plans to break the United States from its stranglehold within the grips of corporations.

Working people have been the subject of a 40-year-war to take away their rights, and it’s worked,” Steyer commented. “If you think that I’m right, and I think most Americans know corporations have bought our government, then if you want to know who would actually take them on, I’ve done it for ten years, successfully, where other people have just talked about it.”

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