Scholten wants to fight for economy that will work for everyone

Scholten wants to fight for an economy that will work for everyone


Pilot-Tribune News Staff

J.D. Scholten sat in a metal chair facing the audience of the Albert City Town Hall meeting. At six-foot, six inches, he seemed to not fit in the chair meant for shorter people. This did not appear to bother him, being at eye level with his constituents. In fact, he seemed to relish it. He began the meeting by thanking everyone who came out on such a cold and snowy night to listen to his speech. Continue reading “Scholten wants to fight for economy that will work for everyone”

Tom Steyer plans to fight forty-year-war

Tom Steyer plans to fight forty-year-war


Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Pilot-Tribune News Staff

Democratic Party nominee hopeful, Tom Steyer, believes the government has failed the American people. He wants voters to realize how corporations have purchased the government and that the nation’s government now works for those corporations.

If we are going to get any of the things that people are talking about in terms of health care, education, a living wage, clean air and clean water, then we are going to have to break the corporate stranglehold,” said Steyer. “They are getting what they want from the government and we’re not getting what we want from the government, the government is serving them and not us.” Continue reading “Tom Steyer plans to fight forty-year-war”

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