Storm Lake welcomes new family practitioner

Storm Lake welcomes new family practitioner


Storm Lake Pilot Tribune

Dr. Elizabeth Dupic has finished her residency and is ready to start accepting new patients at her new practice located at Unity Health Family Health Care Center here in Storm Lake. In an effort to meet potential patients and hospital staff, Dupic held a meet and greet Thursday sfternoon at the Buena Vista Regional Medical Center (BVRMC).

Dupic arrived in Storm Lake by way of Clarion in 2007 in order to obtain her undergrad degree. She graduated from medical school in 2016 and went immediately into her recidency. In 2019 Dupic finished her residency and the rest is history.

When asked about her family, Dupic explained how her husband stays at home with she and her husband’s two young daughters while she works. She went on to say that it was their naptime and that is why they were not present. The absence of her family did not deter her spirit and she seemed to look forward to the challenge of a new office and all it’s demands.

I just finished my recidency in July. I work just down the road and yes, I am accepting new patients,” said Dupic.

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