Dairy farmers in jeopardy as they lose important contracts

 | March 15, 2018 6:28 AM

Written by: Rima Austin

Chris Hickey works Sparkman Farm dairy
Chris Hickey, an employee at Sparkman Farm, prepares the equipment used for milking cows. Sparkman Farm, as well as other dairy farmers in the area, are facing a potential crisis if contracts are cancelled, which has been the topic of several recent news stories.

David LaFever drives his farm truck through the sodden lanes of his dairy farm while describing each set of cows that are separated from each other.

He reaches the back side of the weather-worn barn and comes to a small incline. Without hesitation, he reaches down below the bench seat and pulls a lever. The truck’s transmission shifts into low, and he takes the hill with no problem. Continue reading “Dairy farmers in jeopardy as they lose important contracts”

Chili Cook-Off set for March 17 at Mary Scott Turner building

 | March 15, 2018 6:46 AM

Written by: Rima Austin

MST building 002
The foundation’s building at 180 Janice, Dr., in Sparta

There was a time in American history when addiction was not spoken of in civilized company. Slowly, times have changed, and, with President Trump’s latest war on opioids, calling it a “national crisis,” addiction has now moved into mainstream media. Continue reading “Chili Cook-Off set for March 17 at Mary Scott Turner building”

Rain hinders but doesn’t stop Big Puckett’s Campground

 | March 15, 2018 6:40 AM

Written by: Rima Austin

Photos by: Misty Walker

Puckett story 001
Jeff Puckett hopes to have the General Mercantile Store up and running by the first week in May. (Photos by MISTY WALKER)

White County has always been a hidden treasure. It is surrounded by Burgess Falls, Lost Creek, and Fall Creek Falls; it has caving, kayaking, hunting, fishing, hiking, and swimming. All of this can be reached anywhere from a 20-minute drive to an hour’s drive. Continue reading “Rain hinders but doesn’t stop Big Puckett’s Campground”

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