Nurse practitioner is on a Mission

by  | February 22, 2018 6:01 AM

Written by: Rima Austin

Picture by: Misty Walker

What makes a person choose a career in the health field – specifically a certain specialty of health?

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Bacteria, Buggies, and Bad Gardening

3/23/2015 12:19:00 PM

“Hmmm … it could be bacteria or buggies in the soil,” said the sweet girl at Johnny’s Seeds when I called to explain to her that all but two tomato plants that I transferred last weekend died. Just up and died. I said, “Buggies?”

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A Hard Way to Go

6/23/2015 3:32:00 PM

Over the weekend I met some people living off-grid in much the same way I am. They came from Massachusetts to relocate in the foothills of Tennessee. Like me they were looking for a simpler life and to cut costs and ties with the rat race. This was a husband and wife with three young children living in a camper that had been given to them. As I was talking to the wife, I got the sense that, at times, it was more than she could bear.

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Just Keeping Them Alive

5/19/2015 3:15:00 PM

I had a portable pen that was covered with chicken wire. On one end of it there was a chicken wire door that could be latched. The door itself was pretty small so I thought that they would not be able to fly out of it and would be content pecking around in the dirt and getting some sunshine. I knew I needed to stay outside with them so I made the decision to mow the yard while the chickens pecked and the dogs ran around and played.

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Rosemary is a New Venture

GRIT Magazine Reader Contribution By Rima Austin

6/17/2015 3:18:00 PM

One of the benefits of having a new farm is all the possibilities it contains. I am not using all my acres currently; they are being used by a local cattle merchant to grow hay on. He does not pay us to grow his hay, we trade with him; he keeps the weeds out and in turn he is allowed to keep the hay. Things are destined to change however after a text I received from my sister the other night.

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